Stop sending out empty abandoned cart emails! Currently, a user’s cart is lost when accessing it via a new browser or new device. This custom abandoned cart series ensures that no cart is left behind by dynamically rebuilding the user’s cart.


This app is an add-on for Klaviyo that tracks and saves user cart data. It sends the cart data to Klaviyo so users can receive emails with links to regenerate their cart without cookies.

This app requires a Klaviyo account be active and linked to your store. For best results use it with the Arctic Leaf - Cart Rebuilder flow. Using this app will allow your customers to regenerate their carts with the click of a button, regardless of the device or browser they are using.
Say goodbye to empty abandoned cart emails!

Keep track of cart changes from any page.

Every time a user adds, updates, or removes an item from their cart the Cart Rebuilder app passes this data to Klaviyo. This means you can email your potential customers about their real-time cart and they can jump back into the purchase process where they left off, regardless of if they change devices.

Send relevant data from BigCommerce to Klaviyo.

A flow is triggered by the "Updated Cart (Cart Rebuilder App)" metric that is sent from the Cart Rebuilder app containing:
  • The cart URL.
  • Cart items.
  • The isEmpty boolean (a true/false value).
  • The brands (an array of brand names in the cart).
  • The categories (an array of all category names for items in the cart).
  • The item count.
After being sent to Klaviyo, the flow uses these details to populate your automated emails and leverage any applicable flow filters.

Up to the moment data-driven email marketing.

You have the power to use the cart details as parameters to filter and personalize customer emails and increase click through and conversion.
  • The flow first checks for the "isEmpty" value to see if the flow should be triggered or not - no sense in sending an email out if there's nothing in the cart.
  • Any users who have started the checkout process or placed an order since entering the flow will also be filtered out to make sure these emails aren't being sent unnecessarily.
  • The final filter guarantees the flow is only reacting to the most recent cart details.

Make the buying experience even easier.

Regardless of if a user returns to the site and adds another item, updates any quantities, or switches a variant, the flow will react to the most recent changes.

Tailor-made email flow.

The pre-made Klaviyo flow comes set up with three recommended emails as well as an optional fourth at the end. All the emails will be populated with the cart items so the customer can see which products they have left behind, as well as the special dynamic cart URL.


See our Installation & Setup guide.

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