Product feeds are used to create product recommendations in an email template. This feature can be used in Klaviyo’s flow or campaign emails via the drag-and-drop product block.

This module allows you to set up an XML product feed in Klaviyo. The feed passes all products in your Miva catalog to Klaviyo.

NOTE: Only master products are required by Klaviyo, so product variants are ignored.

Create a Product Feed in Miva

  1. Navigate to Marketing in Miva.

  2. Click on the Feeds tab.

  3. Click the + button to add a feed.

  4. Add a code and name for the feed.

  5. Select Klaviyo from the Feed Module dropdown.

  6. Click the Add button.

  7. Choose the View Product Feed link to view the XML feed.

Add the Miva Product Feed to Klaviyo

  1. Login to your Klaviyo Dashboard.

  2. Open to the Catalog Source page.

  3. Name your feed source and add the URL.

  4. Click Define Source.

  5. Your field mapping should already be populated in the feed. If not, toggle on the required feed item fields id, title, link, image_link, and description

  6. Then choose Complete Feed Setup.

  7. Reach out to the Klaviyo support team to activate your catalog feed to be useable in Klaviyo Product Feeds and Product Blocks.

Updating the Product Feed in Miva

The product feed can be updated in Miva at any time. If you have made any adjustments to your catalog and wish to update your Klaviyo feed, navigate to Marketing > Feeds in Miva. Click on the desired product feed and choose Process Now.