Miva Klaviyo Connector: Module Version: 1.0



  1. Log in to your Miva Merchant Admin.

  2. From the Quicklinks dashboard, navigate to Modules.

  3. Click the + icon to add a Module.

  4. Click Upload and choose the ali_klaviyo.mvc file, then click Upload.

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  5. Next, press the + Add icon.

  6. Navigate back to Home > Order Fulfillment.

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  7. Click on the Add/Remove Modules tab.

  8. Find Klaviyo and click Install.

The Klaviyo Module is now installed!

Configure Klaviyo Settings

Configure Klaviyo Settings by navigating to Order Fulfillment > Klaviyo in Miva. 

Klaviyo API Key

Input your 6-digit public API key from your Klaviyo account. 

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If you don’t know your Klaviyo public API key, click Get API Key and Klaviyo will open in a new tab. Input your Klaviyo login credentials and navigate to Account > Settings > API Keys. Copy the public API key and paste it into the Klaviyo API Key field in Miva.

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Product Identifier

The Product Identifier section allows you to choose whether you’d like Product Codes or SKUs sent to Klaviyo.

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Brand Identifier

The Brand Identifier section allows you to select which custom product field you’d like sent to Klaviyo.

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Image Type

Image Type allows you to select which type of image you’d like sent to Klaviyo.

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In the Actions section, select which server-side metrics you would like tracked. The module allows you to track the following events:

  • Placed Order: Tracked when a customer places an order in your Miva store. 

  • Ordered Product: Also tracked when a customer places an order, but a separate event is recorded for each item purchased.

  • Fulfilled Order: Tracked when an order is shipped.

  • Cancelled Order: Tracked when a customer cancels an order they placed prior to fulfillment.

  • Refunded Order: Tracked when a customer pays for an order, but requests the payment be returned.

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Once you are done configuring the Klaviyo Settings, click the Update button to save your settings.

Syncing Historical Data

This feature allows you to sync historical order data with Klaviyo. It leverages Placed Order and Ordered Product server-side metrics. In most cases this will only need to be done once, after the module has been installed.

Setting Up the Scheduled Task

  1. Navigate to Store Settings in Miva.

  2. Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab.

  3. Click the + button to add a new scheduled task.

  4. Enter a Description.

  5. Select Klaviyo: Historical Data Sync: Full Sync from the Operation dropdown menu.

  6. For the Schedule, select Run Once, Then Disable.

  7. Finally, click the Add button.

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