Javascript Resources

When the module is installed, two Javascript resources are created in Miva. Both resources are global and active by default, and are included in the ‘head_tag’ resource group.

Klaviyo Global

The Klaviyo Global script enables Klaviyo’s Javascript Track API. This script is output on every page on your site.

Klaviyo Behavior

The Klaviyo Behavior script tracks the Active on Site, Viewed Product, Added to Cart, and Started Checkout metrics as outlined below.

NOTE: It is important not to alter or edit either of these scripts.

Tracked Metrics

The module supports multiple types of web tracking. The following metrics are tracked:

  • Active on Site: Tracked whenever an identifiable user visits your website.

  • Viewed Product: Tracked whenever an identifiable user views a product page on your website.

  • Added to Cart: Tracked when an identifiable user adds a product to their cart.

  • Started Checkout: Tracked when a user enters their contact and shipping information ("Customer information") on the first page of the Miva checkout process and clicks continue.