Q: My customers' activity is not being tracked into Klaviyo

A: Klaviyo has a limitation where customer data cannot be tracked before "identifying" the customer that's shopping. This is typically done if the customer logs in to their account on your BigCommerce store or if they sign up for a newsletter with a Klaviyo powered newsletter form. There are other ways they can be identified, such as entering their information at checkout, etc. However, until this identification step is taken, no data will be sent to Klaviyo for their abandoned cart.

Q: My customers are getting duplicate cart rebuilder emails

A: This sometimes happens if our Cart Rebuilder events are being used in a custom flow that does not have filters to prevent re-entering the flow. We recommend using the Abandoned Cart Reminder by Arctic Leaf flow from Klaviyo's Flow Library. If you continue to experience issues, please send us an email at [email protected] and our team will provide instructions for giving us access to your Klaviyo account to further investigate.

Q: Add to Cart events are not being tracked into Klaviyo

A: Sometimes custom themes or third-party apps affect our tracking of Add to Cart events. While this is rare and we try to handle those cases, please shoot us a line at [email protected] with your site information, and our team will gladly investigate and provide the next steps.

Q: Why does the Arctic Leaf Klaviyo Cart Rebuilder not track users who reach the checkout by default?

  • The Arctic Leaf Klaviyo Cart Rebuilder does not track users who reach the checkout, as both BigCommerce and Klaviyo already do this. The purpose of the Arctic Leaf Klaviyo Cart Rebuilder is to fill the gap that exists, in tracking those users who have added items to the cart, but do not make it to the checkout page.
  • The default Abandoned Cart flow that ships with the app is recommended to be used in conjunction with either the native BigCommerce “Abandoned Cart” email or the Klaviyo Abandoned Checkout flow.
  • A valid alternative is to adjust the Abandoned Cart flow filters as needed.